Thursday, October 19, 2006

On the (Indie Spinner) Rack, SPX, Etc.

Hey hey. Still tired from SPX this past weekend. Meant to take some pictures, but was both too busy and too lazy to do so, if that's even possible. It was a great time, as usual. Still slowly making my way through the pile of comics I picked up - some highlights so far include AdHouse's Paul Pope ashcan thingy, a bunch of JP Coovert minis, Kaz Strzepek's Mourning Star, Brian Ralph's Daybreak, Cold Heat #2 from PictureBox, Nebuli, and a couple of really gorgeous minicomics by Eleanor Davis (The Beast Mother and Mattie and Dodi). That's barely a quarter of the books I picked up and I'm sure I'm forgetting some good ones but oh well. You can read other people's more informative thoughts here.

In other news, I did my first interview ever, for my personal favorite comics podcast Indie Spinner Rack and the somewhat embarrassing (though funny, I'm told) results are now online. Thrill to the slightly drunken ramblings of myself and friend / SPX tablemate GB Tran as we discuss our work, among other things (mostly other things) with the hilarious and insightful Charlito and Mr. Phil. You can find it here, if you like.

As I mention in the interview, at SPX I was "shopping around" a mock-up of a big book collecting most of my mini-comics - you can check out a crappy picture of said book below. Gave the thing to some publishers there, mailed out some more, so now I'm waiting to see if anyone'll actually publish the thing... yikes...

That reminds me, I sold almost all of my remaining mini-comic stock at SPX, so they're pretty much all out of print now. If you're interested in reading any of them, check the Catastrophe Store (I just gave them a bunch at SPX, so those should be available soon) or try Rocketship or Jim Hanley's Universe in New York, who may still have some. Otherwise I'll hopefully have that collection done sometime, uh, soon? We shall see.

Hope this finds you well, folks.