Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh, right - I have a website.

Just wiping off a bit of the dust this place has been gathering. Here's a few things I can mention:

Just got a copy of a nice new Egon Schiele book from Germany the other day, in which you can find a page from my comic The Perpetual Child. Ausgezeichnet! Have a look:

It's from a section about current art about or influenced by Schiele, and I'm amazed my story appeared on their radar in the first place, but I'm pretty thrilled to be in there. I believe a similar book (maybe even the same one, I'm not sure) was published in English to accompany a recent Schiele exhibition at the Neue Galerie here in NY, which I unfortunately missed. I'm hoping to get over there and see if it's in their bookstore, and just to visit that museum again - it's a lovely place and they have a great collection.

Been meaning to update my illustration portfolio here for ages, but until I do, here's another one I did relatively recently, for another Robochrist performance at the Steve Allen Theater in LA. I'm actually not sure if they used this yet...

And here's one of my favorite things I got at MoCCA back in June - I bought a copy of Mine Tonight, by Trevor Alixopulos, who signed the book for me and provided this outstanding caricature of yours truly. A frighteningly accurate depiction of my inner self...

Mine Tonight
is published by Sparkplug and is well worth your time and money. Also highly recommended is Mr. Alixopulos's minicomic Hutjack'd, which can be ordered from USS Catastrophe or Global Hobo.

That's all I got for now. More "soon"...