Saturday, October 15, 2005


One of these days I'll update the illustration section of this site, but until then, here are some I've done since the last time I updated it, which wasn't so recently.

First, one for kitchen sink magazine, for a piece about poet Jack Gilbert, called "Meeting the Magician":

My most recent shirt for the little idiot, my contribution to their safety tips line:

More for kitchen sink, from issue 11, six illustrations for a short story called "Most Days":

And one for The Steve Allen Theater in LA:

That's it for now. More, I dunno, sometime...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

SPX, etc.

So I meant to write a long, rambling, just-back-from-SPX-and-damn-was-it-great post, but it's been a week and I'm lazy and many many people have already said all that better than I could anyway. Go here to read such reports. Basically, I sold some comics, bought a ton of stuff, and talked to / hung out with lots of great people. Haven't even read half the comics I got yet, but here are some worth mentioning thus far:

Schematic Comics by Dan Zettwoch - by far my favorite comic of the show. Can't wait for his new Redbird series.
Night Fisher by R. Kikuo Johnson - really good, I wish it was longer.
Blar and an untitled mini by Drew Weing - pretty much everything at his and Eleanor Davis's Little House table was fantastic.
Couch Tag #2 by Jesse Reklaw
Content #2.1 by my tablemate GB Tran, which I only got to read in PDF form since he sold out of the unfortunately few copies he'd brought to the show.

More recommendations as I continue reading. Very high percentage of good stuff this year.

In other news, the remaining watercolors I mentioned in my previous post are now available at the awesome new Rocketship store in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, along with most of my mini-comics and some fancy new prints. Great store - if you're in or around Brooklyn, you should go check it out. I also just dropped off a bunch of mini-comics at Jim Hanley's Universe on 33rd St in Manhattan, another great store, one where I spend entirely too much money.

That's about all I got for ya right now. As an aside, let me just say that steam is an awful thing. On Friday, my new apartment (which I just moved into less than 2 months ago, and which was completely renovated immediately prior) gave itself a disgusting steam bath (or "shvitz", if you prefer), courtesy of a faulty radiator valve, causing a fair amount of wet hot damage. I go off to work and leave my apartment alone for just 8 hours a day and look what it does when I'm not looking. Disgusting.